The Importance of Using American Standard Walk-in Tub Installation Services

american standard walk-in tubs certified installation

Purchasing an Accessible or Walk-in Bathtub with Installation is the smartest decision.  Why?  Because an accessible or walk-in bathtub is a specialty product, not to be confused with a typical bathtub or whirlpool bath installation.

Here’s why:

Bathroom Assessment:  A Bathroom Assessment is necessary to understand your home and bathroom’s layout.  The Specialist completing the assessment will start by looking at the front door to ensure it has the required width to allow for a walk-in tub to enter the home, and any other barriers present such as stairs or narrow hallways.

Bathroom Door Size & Swing Direction:  an experienced Specialist will look at door direction, and whether it swings in towards the bathroom, or out into a hallway.  To ensure barrier-free access, the specialist may recommend modifications to door direction to allow wheelchair users easier access into the bathroom, but also to allow easy emergency access should someone fall behind the door when it is closed.  Door width is another important element to consider.  Most bathroom doors are 24” wide, but if you have a walker, you will need at least 26”.  A wheelchair requires 28”-32”.  Our experienced Specialists will determine and recommend specific modifications that are required to ensure total accessibility if needed.

Bathroom Configuration: the position of existing plumbing fixtures are important for accessibility in to the bathroom and a bathtub, but also from a safety consideration should an emergency arise requiring first responders unobstructed access.

Existing Plumbing: depending on the age of the home, materials used, current bathtub/shower that will require removal, and position of plumbing fixtures, our Specialist will record any Building Code requirements necessary to accommodate an installation of a new walk-in bathtub.

Bathing Preferences & Needs:  Our Specialist will discuss with you your bathing and showering preferences; how many people in your household will be using the bathroom and the walk-in bathtub; preferences between bathing, soaking, and showering; health situations/conditions; and accessibility requirements.

Pre-Installation Testing & Setup:  All of our bathtubs are water-tested to ensure leak-free seals & plumbing in our manufacturing facility in Grand Prairie, TX.  After the bathtubs are shipped to our Canadian Distribution Centre, they are tested again, to ensure that nothing has loosened in the shipping process.  Here, they are prepared before shipping out to the installation location:  our American Standard Premium cast brass fast-filling Bath Filler Faucet is installed on the unit; our patented QuickDrain® is connected, as well as the In-Line Heater.  This process makes the actual installation occur more efficiently with usually only 1 day disruption for the homeowner.  The bathtub then is again tested in place to ensure all electrical connections and Hydrotherapy jets are working, and the homeowner is provided with hands-on Operations with their new accessible or walk-in bathtub.  It is our manufacturer requirement to complete all of these necessary tests, but only through our Installation Services will Triple-Testing be 100% guaranteed.


With our 140 YEAR bathroom product manufacturing legacy, and consumers worldwide trusting our product Quality and Reliability—we have experience.


Our certified American Standard walk-in tub installation guarantees a 100% Lifetime Warranty on our product and our installation—including labour.  It’s the best in the industry.


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