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Making a Well-Informed Decision: Why Buying A Cheap Walk-In Bathtub May Come With A Higher Price Tag!

We all agree that purchasing a walk-in bathtub involves careful consideration and understanding of your needs—now, and in 5-20 years from now

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The Importance of Using American Standard Walk-in Tub Installation Services

Purchasing an Accessible or Walk-in Bathtub with Installation is the smartest decision.  Why?

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Secondary Suites & Granny Flats: 17 Canadian Grants + 11 Renovation Tips

Did you know that 77% of Canadian municipalities allow secondary or garden suites? 

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Why You Need an Outward Opening Door on Your Walk-In Tub

Written by American Standard on March 15, 2019; updated November 24, 2019 According to the CDC, an estimated 234,094 nonfatal bathroom injuries were treated in the U.S in 2008, making the bathroom one of the most dangerous areas in the home.

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Is Your Bathroom Safe?

Written by on January 3, 2018, revised December 19, 2019 Reflecting on the safety of your bathroom means adding in important products and features to limit potential injuries.

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How American Standard Became the Name You Can Trust

Written by American Standard on May 22, 2017; updated November 1, 2019 Want to know the benefits of choosing American Standard? As in, what do you actually get when you choose one of our walk-in tubs?

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