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Refresh Your Bathroom

With this Step-by-Step Cleaning List Written by American Standard on March 12, 2020, updated June 2021   If you’re like 52 percent of people, you might dread cleaning the bathroom. With these simple and effective bathroom cleaning hacks, you’ll never struggle to get into spring cleaning mode again — and your bathroom will never look better! Health and Safety First This […]

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Accessible Design in Mind

Creating an Accessible Bathroom Written by American Standard Walk-in Tubs Canada, June 2021 The way we live in our homes today, and how aging well has become so important that builders, renovators and homeowners are starting to pay more attention to creating an accessible and universal design plan for today’s generations.  Products, design details and […]

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How to Talk to Your Parents About Aging Safely in Their Homes

Updated for December 2020 It’s important to keep the lines of communication open between you and your parents as you both get older. It’s not that they don’t realize they’re aging, but they may not be comfortable reaching out for help from their children. A good idea is to make it a two-way conversation, so […]

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Senior Brain Games to Help Keep Your Mind Sharp

Written by American Standard on March 26, 2020 As we get older, we start to notice changes in our bodies and minds. Along with physical effects like aches and pains, our brains aren’t as sharp as they once were. Although we can’t completely beat the test of time, there are different activities we can do to be proactive […]

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Boosting Brain Health

Written by American Standard on September 24, 2018 Similar to how our body loses muscle over time, our brains can suffer from atrophy, too. Your brain’s cognitive reserve (its ability to improvise and find alternate ways of getting a job done) diminishes as you age, which makes it more difficult to perform mental tasks. Researchers suggest that following a brain-healthy […]

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Safety Checklist: 5 Walk-in Tub Necessities

  Don’t Purchase a Walk-In Tub Without These 5 Things Written by on October 16, 2017 Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy a soothing, hot bath. Whether you have chronic aches and pains, muscle tension, high stress levels, or simply enjoy the pleasure of hot water on your skin, a bath can provide relief and relaxation. Those […]

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